Big Cities And Bigger Dreams

Of skyscrapers, bridges and glitter,
Of as much grandeur as one can see,
Of hustle-bustle and contagious vigour,
The cities were made of everything fancy.

With a penchant for newness,
And a blazing zeal to achieve,
I ventured from home to city
A trade-off meant to deceive.

Concrete buildings, like my dreams,
Did touch the mighty skies,
But hearts, smaller than cents,
Were full of contempt and lies.

City life was voguish,
But a race to dash an extra mile,
Life at home was elementary,
But made the journey worthwhile.

Of Oblivion And Isolation

Limitless dreams,
And an endless thirst to get there,
Vying for what others achieve,
Thinking we stand nowhere.

At first it helps us toil,
But who said that always reaps?
And when the toil is fruitless,
From purpose to oblivion, the spirit leaps.

An affliction that has caught us all,
An incessant and obnoxious race
Why is there only one winner?
Why can’t we move at our own pace?

For the fortunate one who’s at the top,
It’s lonely, so I hear
So between oblivion and isolation,
In which direction do we steer?

A Reflection Of My Mind

In the serenity of sky, I meditate,
It’s at poise, unstirred by the zephyr,
In an interminable cladding of azure blue,
Looking tantalising – its only endeavor.

In a jiffy, sombre clouds hurtle past,
Devouring the sky like a brute,
A farrago of charging smoke and stillness,
Turned the frame from sapphire to soot.

My gaze was fixed, but my psyche contemplative,
The skies were my mind’s reflection, too stark,
Crusading to find sanity in chaos,
Oscillating between the light and the dark

All I Can Breathe Is Fire

A helix of sprinkle, drizzle and torrent,
Surrounded by darkness and haze,
The mighty oceans of heaven,
Cascading down to blur our gaze.

The drops descending like crystals,
To hydrate our arid race.
In the interruption of grey humdrum,
And in petrichor – there is solace.

But how will the elixir of rain,
Fulfil my dream and my desire,
When my soul is drenched in water,
But all I can breathe is fire.

The Meaning Of Life

Earn, beg, borrow, steal –
We do whatever it takes to be at the top,
Our ambitions set us ablaze,
Like an inferno that is hard to stop.

We’re always contesting in the race,
We’re always in the grind,
But you do know that an eye for an eye
Would make the whole world blind!

Leap from delusion to realism,
Take a moment to look around
Notice how beautiful the world can be,
And a new meaning of life will be found.

The Happy Rhyme

A tail that wags to welcome me home,
A prayer sent by my mother, no matter where I roam,

My father waiting at dinner even though I’m late,
A random call from an old school mate,

An old favourite book found in my cleaning spree,
A sapling that I sowed grown into a beautiful tree,

The smell of oil paints strewn all over my palette,
A melodious chord struck by a mallet,

Passing by someone humming a song I love,
Gazing at the stars shining brightly above,

Meeting my favourite people and pouring my heart out,
A wise advice from my brother when I was in doubt,

An unexpected compliment from a teenage crush,
A morning run around dewy green lush,

These are just to name, a few,
My Happiness is in little things, old or new,

When grief takes charge and my days turn dim,
They keep me invigorated to the brim.

I’m not a perfect person with every fix,
But in my journey of life, I’ve learnt a few tricks,

It’s really not a task to leave grief behind,
If everyday, in small things, happiness you learn to find!