Of People And Constellations

People behold in them a thousand constellations,
Their entry and exit alter our stars,
Some stand out only in a dark sky,
While some are permanently etched like scars.

In world of strange dreams and stranger reality,
People are more than just flesh and bone,
Decrypt and decode every living soul,
Because each mind is a world in its own!

A globe of complex idiosyncrasies,
A galaxy of profound experiences,
Each one is a discrete universe,
Of obscure intuitions but same senses.


Of Faith And Fear

Scared is what we feel,
But brave is what we do,
So being called faint-hearted,
Is no reason to be blue!

Be fearless, dauntless and indomitable,
But it’s really no ignominy to be scared,
Because our fright is an infallible sign,
That something brave is about to be dared.

Anything worth doing sends down jitters,
But on the other side, it heralds emancipation,
So long as our faith conquers fear,
Every challenge will kindle liberation.

The Game Of Life

Should we dive to the bottom,
Or swim on the surface,
Should we walk, slow and steady,
Or sprint to win the race.

Should we climb up a mountain,
Or just stroll around it,
Should we jump to touch the sky,
Or step on rungs bit by bit.

Life’s a relentless game of choices,
Some conscious while some not,
But each decision we take,
Brings a new twist on the plot.

Our choices draw conclusions,
Sometimes roses, sometimes guns,
But, caution, this game has rules,
And ‘course no undo buttons!


She found herself intertwined,
In a mesh of scathing darkness,
Her spirit – a holocaust of dreams,
Her soul – a steaming furnace.

In the years that passed by,
She died a hundred deaths inside,
Then she saw a glimmering ray of light,
A hand that helped her out of the tide.

Gradually life was back in its orbit,
But something felt amiss,
Till she became someone else’s light,
And guided them out of their crisis.

Life has its summers and monsoons,
But they never last forever,
So keep uplifting and getting uplifted,
In the universe’s equilibrial endeavour.

Bake A World!

If I were to shape,
A world with my creativity,
I’d use kindness as icing
And sprinkle positivity.

Where man lends hand to man,
For no currency, no money,
No boundaries, no walls,
A single nation, in harmony.

Where gratitude is wealth,
And wisdom is gold,
In every holy book,
Stories of humanity be told.

Where a pen is mightier,
Than a keyboard that types,
And voices are heard in person,
Not after the screen swipes.

Where every man is equal,
There are no paupers or kings,
Where everyone can dare to dream,
And take a flight without wings!

What Dreams Are Made Of

I gave my dreams my heart and soul,
Not just a chunk, I gave them my whole.
I gave my dreams my pride, my vanity,
So I could chase them with all my sanity.

I gave my dreams my flesh and toil,
My frame in labour, my mind in turmoil.
I gave my dreams my purpose and time,
Till they hit the right rhythm and rhyme.

But somewhere in the chase, I was lost
My dream embraced me, my life was the cost.
Dreams are not for everything to give,
Dream big but don’t forget to live.